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'Feu' (which means 'fire') is his first album and recorded partly at '2 princesses' and at EMS in Stockholm. Here Etienne plays the hurdy gurdy, serge modular and field recordings. This is quite an interesting work in which, I think, the sound of fire is being imitated by the serge modular synth, which is perhaps triggered by the use of field recordings feeding into the machine. Etienne made a whole bunch of recordings and in the end he staples all of these recordings together and then mixes them together. It's all very minimal, especially in 'De La Charge', which is a mass of closely linked sounds, and in 'La Lueur' the minimalism is separated from each other. Here we have a bit of fire like sounds, then the static drone sounds from modular and hurdy gurdy mixed together into a loud(er) piece of static music. This is not the usual album of quiet drone/ambient music, but Etienne works from the more noisy end of that area, and thus sounds like something way more interesting than the regular album of drones/field recording/ambient. Vital Weekly




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